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Singh's Roti Shop
an authentic trini experience

Taste the flavors of Trinidad at Singh's Roti Shop - a family-owned restaurant with a passion for bringing authentic, Trinidadian flavors to your plate. Experience the heritage of Trinidad through our delicious roti dishes.

100A Corner of Dr Roys Drive &

Shedden Road
George Town, Grand Cayman

Tel: 345-946-7684



Daily Favourites

Indoor and Outdoor Dining

With our daily specials you can have a taste of different flavours from around the Caribbean and many classic Trinidadian favorites, like our "Pepper Shrimp"

Originally from South Trinidad, the two barra and curry channa known as "Doubles" has been adopted as a family favorite in Cayman

Why not cool off, relax yourself and enjoy a Roti or one of our Rice and Dhal meals with a cold beverage.

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Get to Know Us

We were founded in 1998 and our restaurant is all about our family roots, good food, and Trinidadian flavors.

We offer catering for private events, we are committed to the community.

Join Us for a bite!

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