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Family owned business since 1998

Singh's Roti Shop was opened in September 1998 by Darryl Sookoonsingh, and later taken over by his sister, Vera Kissoon in January 2000. It has always been a family-run restaurant specialising in Trinidadian and local cuisine. Residents and tourists alike have been frequenting this restaurant for many years, enjoying the friendly ambiance and family-like atmosphere.

​The restaurant menu was inspired by authentic Trinidadian flavours such as curries, stews and typical food from Trinidad and Tobago. Starting off with traditional dishes such as curry chicken, curry goat, curry shrimp, stew chicken with red beans and doubles, the Roti Shop has enhanced the menu over the past few years to highlight local dishes.


In loving memory of
Ms. Vera

Recently added items include curry conch, oxtail with beans, Trinidad callaloo with crab, curry duck and saltfish pies, among others. Striving to keep the Trinidadian spirit alive in Cayman, each year the Trinidad Independence celebration during the last weekend in August is definitely a focal point for the restaurant and bar. Patrons from all countries gather to listen to steel pan, sweet soca music and enjoy the specialty curry duck with paratha roti.


Traditions live on, and the Roti Shop's regular customers thrive on the authenticity and liveliness of the restaurant, especially when 'Ms. Vera', as many people knew her, would greet them all by name. Regrettably, she is no longer with us, but her vivaciousness and warm spirit has made a lasting impression, one that will never be forgotten.


Her children, Dannel and Ariana, have kept the legacy alive and own the establishment today.

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